Guidance Lecture of Malaysia Matriculation Biology


Amran Md Said
Matriculation College of Pahang

hold catatan experiment 5

Atas permintaan.

saya hold dahulu catatan experiment emp; 5

dan akan ubahsuai experiment tersebut.

Berbuka Puasa

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suasana ini merupakan fenomena biasa dertahun lamanya di Kolej Matrikulasi Pahang, happening


Hasil kerja from 1M1S07

Credit to :
 - Kamal Amani bin Amzah
 - Safira Nabila bt Kamarudzaman
 - Wong Shu Kee
 - Nurul Iffah Izyan bt Akhirrudeen

Experiment 8 : Introduction to Nucleic Acids


1. To describe the structure of a nucleotide
2. To construct the structure of a polynucleotide chain
3. to differentiate the structures between RNA and DNA molecules

Puzzel DNA

Puzzel RNA


1. What is nucleotide?

   Consist phosphate, pentose and base

2. Name the bases found in DNA and RNA

    DNA - Adenine, Guanine, Thymine and Cytosine

    RNA - Adenine, Guanine, Uracil and Cytosine

3. How many hydrogen bonds are found adenine and thymine?

     two hydrogen bond

4. Compare the structure and functions between RNA and DNA molecule.

Still in writing

Experiment 3 : Plant Histology


1. to prepare and identify the onion epidermal cells
2. to identify different types of plant tissues
3. to compare the structure and distribution of tissues in monocots and dicots

Exercise 3.1  :  Identification of epidermal cells in onion

Exercise 3.2  :  Structures of plant tissues in plants





1. You are given two slides of cross section of Angiosperms stems and roots. How would you differentiate between the following?
   a) the stems of monocot and dicot plants
   b) the roots of monocot and dicot plant

2.  Describe the structures and functions of parenchyma, collenchyma and sclenchyma cells

3.  Compare the structure and functions of plant epidermal and animal epitheliail tissues

Experiment 2 : Animal Histology


1.   To examine the animal tissues under the light compound microscope
2.   To identify the structure and organization of animal tissues 

(I) Epithelial Tissues

100x Squamous Epithelium
100x Cuboidal Epithelium
100x Stratified Epithelium
100x Columnar Epithelium
(II) Nerve Tissue
100x Nerve 
(III) Muscle Tissues
100x Smooth Muscle
100x Skeletal Muscle
100x Cardiac Muscle

(IV) Connective Tissues

100x Bone
100x Hyaline
100x Blood

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